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In this article, I am going to cover some of the best free alternatives to using i Tunes to sync i Pod to computer without i Tunes.

[Note]: Depending on which model of i Pod you own, you may want to still keep i Tunes around for firmware updates, application downloads, and other advanced features that one or more of these programs may not be capable of.

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Ned Batchelder's Blog Ned just finds and writes interesting things. R at Loyalty Matrix Jim Porzak tells of his real-life use of R for marketing analysis. https: https: https: https: https: https: https: I don’t like i Tunes… Over the years, however, folks have figured out ways to reverse engineer the database structures Apple uses on the i Pod and provide some useful features that i Tunes lacks, the most important being the ability to take songs off of the i Pod.

Its as easy as connecting the shuffle, telling the usb device in virtualbox to load the Ipod and use itunes inside virtualbox to install the voice for the songs. Virtualbox for it until Banshee makes the support for it.

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It is a standalone application that can be run directly from your i Pod and needs no installation under Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux.

Apple’s i Tunes has been downloaded millions of times and is adored by many, but what if you’re looking for an alternative?

Last year, we covered a similar topic entitled 6 Ways To Sync Music To Your i Phone Without i Tunes.

There were always a few leaders in the windows world: Yamipod Floola v Pod (kind of bare bones, but an early entry) Eph Pod (first one I used, but not updated in a while) and more recently, Sharepod (, if you want a different metaphor, Anapod Explorer (commercial with a trial) was a cool idea of integrating i Pod with the windows explorer instead of requiring a separate app.

It never delivered enough integration for me to keep using it, but clever idea.) These also have the advantage of running off of your i Pod in disk mode, so you have the ability to mount the i Pod to any PC via , run these programs, and either play tunes, add tunes, or copy them off to your new location.

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