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Last year, Howcast had the goal of driving 10 million views on You Tube for GE’s first Ecomagination campaign, Howcast’s VP of Strategic Programming Jeffrey Kaufman told us in a phone conversation.

To date, that campaign has led to more than 15 million views and counting, thanks in large part to the power of prominent You Tubers, who produced a number of videos for GE.

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What do Shay Carl, i Justine, Nicepeter, Happy Slip and Mystery Guitar Man have in common?Whilst not without merit, the new program is limited given the way You Tube content is consumed.The great strength of You Tube from its earliest days has been the use of embedded video on external sites: a large number, if not a majority of viewers will never see the advertising, viewing it only on blogs and forums which if they are running Google Adsense units, do so in a way that does not benefit the content creator.Filipino lip pointing is actually more than just a simple puckering up.First there’s eye-to-eye contact, followed by variations of lip pursing, combined with a eyebrow, head and neck action, the execution of which all depends on the intention of the pointer.

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