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So I decided that it was time to start dating again.

What I really dreamed of was a simultaneously thriving career and a fulfilling romantic relationship.Actually, the elevator had: We were struck so dumb, we'd both forgotten to push the button. (He was Israeli.) This, despite the fact that all I knew about the guy was his first name and the way his sweatpants clung to his yoga-fied behind.Says Epstein, the Ph D behind the brave new theory about learning to love, I can hardly be blamed for objectifying Yoga Dude, the same way you should let yourself off the hook for whatever tall, dark, handsome stranger you last assumed was destined to be your husband.It's the dating sensation that's swept the nation: pulling a digital disappearing act until the other person gets the hint and goes away. But you only come to that realization at the precise moment when you get a text from this person saying: hey what are you up to next week? You don't have to lie about how your ex just came back from France.In all likelihood you have ghosted, and been ghosted. You don't have to fire off a brutal-for-all-parties text declaring your lack of interest.

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